22 Mar Psychometric assessment is a powerful predictor of performance

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Have you ever hired someone and then realised within the first 6 months, or even within the first few weeks, that they are not right for the role or the organisation? Psychometric assessment can help reduce this risk. 

Research has consistently shown that the least reliable methods of making selection decisions include: CVs; reference checking; and unstructured interviews.

Tools with greater predictive validity include:

  • Personality profiling
  • Intellectual abilities assessments
  • Structured behavioural interviews also have a very good predictive ability

Adding these techniques into a structured assessment process can increase your chances of getting it right up to about 60%. Psychometric assessment is arguably the most valuable source of objective data, which greatly increases your chances of ‘getting it right’.

Psychometric assessments can be used for more than to just help make a “yes or no” selection decision. Recruiters and hiring managers should always use the information obtained to help onboard the new employee effectively.

Psychometric assessment includes cognitive and personality testing which measure inherent ability. Compared to most other hiring methods which focus on past indicators of success (such as education, CV’s, and references), psychometric testing can predict future success. Talegent offers many psychometric tools that can be used to optimise your recruitment process.

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