26 May Impacts of Diversity in the Workplace

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Diversity is important. As we live in a global world that is massively interconnected, more diverse companies tend to have to better performance. When recruiting, it is crucial to find employees with the necessary abilities as well as those who are a good fit for the position and organisation.

Organisational culture-fit does not mean that each employee looks, acts and thinks the same. But rather that their work goals and values align with those of each other, and the organisation. It is important to maintain a fair process when recruiting. This helps ensure the best candidates are hired based on their abilities and organisational-fit.

Diverse workplaces have been proven to lead to a more profitable working environment. They typically also have a happier and more innovative workforce. A key way to develop diversity within the workplace is to work on the talent pipeline. Attracting, developing, mentoring, and retaining talent at all levels of the organisation.

Benefits of Diversity

  • Attract more talent. A strong focus on women and ethnic minorities increases the sourcing talent pool. 40% of companies reported having difficulty filling roles as applicants lack the technical skills.
  • Increase employee satisfaction. Diversity increases employee satisfaction and reduces conflicts between groups, improving collaboration and loyalty.
  • Improve decision making. Diversity fosters innovation and creativity through a greater variety of problem-solving approaches and perspectives. Academic research has shown that diverse groups often outperform experts.
  • Enhance the company’s image. Social responsibility is becoming increasingly important. Many countries now have legal requirements for diversity.


Diversity has a positive impact on many aspects of an organisation’s performance. It can help attract skilled individual employees and develop the organisation. Diversity helps increase productivity with people working together using different sets of skills. By encouraging creativity and problem-solving, businesses can see improved results. An example of this benefit is that gender-diverse companies are 25% more likely to outperform their less diverse counterparts. Similarly, ethnically-diverse companies are 36% more likely to do the same.

Employing people from different cultures and backgrounds can help to compete internationally. In supporting and encouraging employees to develop and build professional connections, employers can attract and retain talent.

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