25 Aug Talegent launches Interactive Reports & Revitalised Competency Model

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It’s been proven time and time again that psychometric assessment is far more accurate in determining job performance than traditional hiring methods. However, the demands placed on psychometrics today extend beyond mere reliability and validity, with a huge focused now placed on candidate and user experience. To address this industry change, Talegent have undertaken two missions. This first is to enhance the usability of assessment results to increase speed and quality of hire, leading to creation of new, interactive reports. Our second mission was to enable users to deepen their pre- and post- hire insights, leading to improved quality of hire, employee development and improve employee NPS, hence the revitalisation of our core competency model.

So, what are these new reporting innovations? The key changes Talegent have made as part of the upgrade are:

  1. Interactivity – a varity of graphs, sortable competencies, values that can be turned on/off.
  2. Comparison of candidates – have a side-by-side score review of multiple candidates in one report.
  3. Simplification of reports – multiple reports have been combined into one single document with expandable and collapsible sections, allowing users to select the specific information they want to see.
  4. Creation of three new reports – a Hiring Manager, Delivering Feedback & Grit reports have been developed.


Example screenshot of Talegent’s main report from its new suite, the Cognitive & Competency report.

As for the competency model, this retains its blend of personality and cognitive components, with enhanced post-hire features to ensure applicability throughout the employee lifecycle. Key benefits are:

  1. Post-hire usability –interview questions, development tips, and onboarding guides provided within the reports
  2. Contemporary competencies – assess on behaviours validated to predict performance for your role
  3. Revitalised results interpretation – unlock new insights about your candidates
  4. Organisational alignment – use the competency model in conjunction with Talegent’s Values assessments

Talegent Essential Competency model

Talegent’s competency model contains 23 competencies, which are divided amongst the five clusters seen in the image above.

In summarising the updates, Product Manager Richard Thwaite notes: “These new reports will assist our clients in selecting top talent, and leveraging their data as an asset. We have used research and best practice to provide standardized reporting tools for pre- and post-hire, underpinned by a validated competency framework. These changes are designed to simplify the difficult job of hiring for potential and bringing onboard best and brightest.”

Talegent’s interactive reports and revitalised competency model are available to new and existing assessment users. In addition to these reports, Talegent already offers the best means of hiring by utilising scientifically proven assessments, and are on the verge of bringing this technology to all companies, regardless of their size.

About Talegent

Talegent was founded by veterans of leading global assessment companies for the specific purpose of helping organisations take advantage of the latest emerging tools to meet the unique challenges of online recruiting. The company offers industry-specific, customisable solutions that fully integrate with applicant tracking systems and recruitment technology. By combining innovation with proven human resources technologies, Talegent delivers greater speed and predictive accuracy—all with responsive, complete local support.

For more information, check out their website or social media channels listed below.

twitter: twitter.com/Talegent | facebook: facebook.com/Talegent

instagram: instagram.com/talegent_ | linkedin: linkedin.com/company/talegent

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