The Paradox of Hiring
How will AI affect the HR industry?
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Artificial Intelligence
is Measuring the Future

AI technologies are helping recruiters to measure and understand candidates capabilities never before measured in traditional assessments. Use AI to keep your workforce equipped with the capabilities of the future.

Engage Candidates
Like Never Before

Artificial intelligence is a key enabler for engaging and enlightening candidate experiences. Your candidates can engage in a more supportive and more natural recruitment process – in a scalable way.

Deliver Measurable
Business Impact

Talegent are combining AI with proven psychometric science – helping you identify high performing employees and make hiring decisions which are free from bias. AI enabled automation in your recruiting process saves resource and frees up time for more strategic recruitment.

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Five reasons you should consider using AI in your hiring process

1. Get a more diverse candidate pool with AI

How will AI change the future of assessment

Historically, assessments have been designed in a way that makes them easy for computers to mark and score. This has generally meant that candidates...

How AI is enhancing recruitment

Recruitment is undergoing an artificial intelligence (AI) revolution driven by an increased focus on finding the best candidates faster, enhancing...

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A unique opportunity to be involved in revolutionary application of AI in the HR/Recruitment space.