09 Apr Five reasons you should consider using AI in your hiring process

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1. Get a more diverse candidate pool with AI

A recent report by LinkedIn found that 70% of the global workforce is comprised of passive talent who aren’t actively job searching but are open to new job opportunities. Previously, it would have been near impossible to find out who the passive talent is. It would be very lucky if they stumbled upon the job ad and even luckier if they were the right candidate for the role. Now, AI is helping recruiters in actively sourcing, attracting and engaging these passive candidates, all while analyzing if these candidates will be high performing on the job.

2. Support the candidate journey with AI

Creating a supportive candidate experience is a must for all recruitment, enabling candidates to feel confident in their application and positively benefit your employer brand. AI is enhancing the support candidates get through the journey by simulating chat services whenever they want. These intelligent systems can now answer questions about the role, their potential team or the benefits of working for your organisation. This not only allows the candidates to feel positive about their experience but to self-select out early if it’s not right for them.

3. Free up recruiters to be more strategic with AI

In their 2018 Global Human Capital Trends report, Deloitte found that automation can improve scale, speed and quality of human performance rather than replacing roles. Supporting human decision making with AI systems elevates you to a more strategic position in the recruitment process, enabling you to source, attract, engage and filter larger volumes of candidates more effectively.

4. Empower candidate to share their stories with AI

Artificial intelligence excels at processing candidates’ natural responses such as speech or written documents. By assessing candidates’ natural responses, you can reduce their anxiety around the application. This enables candidates to confidently share their stories without being forced to fit into predefined categories, as traditional assessment methods often do. Supporting candidates in this way helps to increase the diversity of your candidate pool.

5. Measure the competencies of the future with AI

The world of work has undergone massive changes over the previous decade. The rate of this change is accelerating as businesses utilise new technologies and ways of working. In the same 2018 report, Deloitte found that as businesses increase their adoption of new technologies, there is increased demand for new competencies.

The competencies of the future combine hard and soft skills such as technical skills, complex problem solving, cognitive abilities and social skills. These competencies are difficult to measure using traditional assessments but are increasingly being assessed through AI powered assessments.



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