30 Jun 4 Candidate Interview Tips for a Successful Video Interview

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As more and more companies embrace new technologies to innovate the way they recruit talent, many job applicants are now having their application, including job interviews, held completely online. Although it may seem less daunting than a face-to-face interview, there are still some things that you should remember when having a virtual job interview. If you have been invited to a video interview, the first thing to do is to prepare for your session. 

Follow these easy interview tips to ace your next video interview:

  • Set-up your interview spot. Look for a spot in your home that is quiet, distraction-free, and has good lighting. 
    • Sitting by the window can be a great spot to take advantage of that natural light.
    • Make sure to tidy up the place and that your background is not distracting for the people who will watch your video. A plain clean wall is recommended. 
    • If needed, let your housemates know that you will be having an interview and that they need to keep the noise down during that time.
  • Check on your equipment. During your interview, you wouldn’t want to be interrupted by any technical mishaps. Make sure your computer or mobile device’s camera and mic are functioning properly. And don’t forget to check your internet speed to make sure you won’t get disconnected while it’s ongoing.
  • Prepare yourself. Dress as if you are attending a face-to-face job interview.
    • Wear comfortable yet professional clothes to build a good impression for the recruiters who will review your video. 
    • Get ready to answer questions about your past job experiences. You may also search the internet for the common interview questions and practice beforehand.
  • Be confident but stay professional. Typically in video interviews, you will be given ample time to read and understand the instructions and questions. Then, you will have around 2-5 minutes to state your answer.
    • Be confident with your answers and make it concise.
    • As much as possible, look straight into the camera as you answer questions.
    • Don’t make unnecessary movements, sounds or gestures during the interview. 

Remember, that your interview (whether face-to-face or via video) will affect your potential employer’s first impression of you. So keep these tips in mind as you prepare to ace your next video interview screening.  

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