15 Nov Top 5 Benefits of Gamified Assessments

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For decades pre-hire assessments have been topping the list of the best predictors of on job success. While the use of traditional assessments such as logical, numerical and verbal reasoning is widespread. Today, innovative employers across multiple industries are taking a more game-based approach with gamified assessments. Here are the top five advantages they have over more traditional methods of assessment:

1. Measures actual ability & job performance

Built upon logical reasoning foundations gamified assessments can reveal a candidate’s natural performance in ways traditional assessments cannot. They have been proven to measure both learning ability and learning agility. That is, not only how well candidates can learn, but also how fast they can do so. The fast-paced and immersive nature challenges candidates to adapt to new problems and the speed at which different candidates adapt in response reveals their learning agility.

Graduate candidates in particular are accustomed to preparing for the academic testing environment. Instead of perpetuating this simulated mentality, game-based assessments facilitate a more natural experience that collects a more reflective set of results of a candidate’s consistent performance. This can also be more inclusive and accurate for those who get nervous during formal testing.

Psychological research has shown that key competencies measured such as learning agility, achievement and emotional intelligence are key determinants of job performance.  These traits are critical to success in the modern workplace going on to provide valuable insight on development and career growth as well.

2. Delivers a highly engaging candidate experience

Today’s candidates expect more out of an application process. This power shift has seen less and less candidates being compelled to finish less engaging assessment experiences. This means fewer candidates are making their way through the recruitment funnel to the latter stages.

Gamification has long been used by other industries to stimulate interest and generate demand, and now the HR community benefits from this by seeing up to 99% completion rate on assessments. Gamified assessments deliver a highly engaging candidate experience by introducing game-based elements into the assessment process. The use of levels, badges and a relevant narrative captures candidate attention at each step of the assessment and maintains their interest throughout.

3. Enhances employer brand

Candidates spend an average of 30 minutes checking your employer brand before even submitting an application. With the abundance of peer to peer review sites like Glassdoor, they can glean much more information than ever before. A well-designed selection process is critical for sustainable and scalable talent identification. Gamified assessments convey a fresh and dynamic employer image. They do a great job at making a good first impression while creating a lasting positive impression on candidates to refer on to their peers.

In an ever-escalating global war for talent, the enhanced candidate experience might just be the tipping factor for candidates choosing one company over another.

4. Provides dynamic feedback

Most people prefer to receive timely feedback on how they are performing rather than taking a deep breath at the end. Gamified assessments can provide concise feedback at the end of levels or segments to help candidates get a gauge on how well they are doing as they go along. Astute candidates who are more open to feedback can also use this opportunity to hone their learning agility and rally their performance as they progress.

Whether it’s instant gratification or a heat check, regular doses of feedback aids in stabilizing performance to provide a fairer and more accurate set of results.

5. Optimised for accessibility

Assessments should measure candidates at their best. But they don’t have to be rigidly formal and force candidates to be at home on their desktop, nor should they create bias against candidate with poor bandwidth.

Gamified assessments maintain their sound psychometric vigour whether they are taken on mobile, tablet or desktop. The game like interface scales to meet the candidate’s optimal interaction dimensions. In additional the refreshing look and feel encourages more candidates to complete it anywhere and anytime they feel comfortable and able to give it their best.

Gamified assessments provide a valid and reliable measure of job performance while trumping traditional assessments in providing a stellar candidate experience. Learn more about gamified assessments in our free whitepaper.

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