05 Jul How AI is enhancing recruitment

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Recruitment is undergoing an artificial intelligence (AI) revolution driven by an increased focus on finding the best candidates faster, enhancing the candidate experience, all while creating a measurable business impact, free from bias.

By training AI systems on massive data sets of candidate behavior matched to hiring decisions or work performance, AI systems can support recruiter’s decision-making and enable them to focus on more strategic elements of their role.

Find the best candidates, fast

A recent report by LinkedIn found that 70% of the global workforce is comprised of passive talent who aren’t actively job searching but are open to new job opportunities.

AI has begun to be used to support recruiters in actively sourcing, attracting, and engaging with active and passive candidates, while identifying those who will be high performing on the job. Enhancing human decision making with AI elevates recruiters to a more strategic position in the recruitment process, enabling them to work more effectively.

AI systems are designed to support rather than replace humans in the recruitment process. It is critical that humans are involved in the decision-making process to ensure that the AI system is performing optimally.

Support candidates, enhance candidate experience

Candidates can be supported through their entire application journey by intelligent systems that answer questions about the role, their potential team or the benefits of working for your organisation. A supportive candidate experience enables candidates to confidently share their stories and demonstrate their strengths in relation to the role requirements.

An enhanced candidate journey widens the candidate pool so that you will be able to engage with candidates outside of the ones that might usually apply to create diversity in your applicant pool.

The LinkedIn recruiter report also found the 89% of candidates say that being more connected with recruiters would help them accept a job offer faster.


A screenshot of the Talegent Helper chatbot

Ensure a fair process

Like all recruitment processes, it is critical AI systems are fair and free of bias.  Psychometric science has a long and established history of enhancing the equality and fairness of assessments through an empirical process known as an ‘adverse impact analysis’. Due to AI being data-driven, it can be combined with proven psychometric science. This means AI systems become transparent and auditable by professionals who ensure its equality and fairness.

Enhance Business Impact

Using proven psychometric science, AI decisions are linked to an empirically validated competency framework designed to predict workplace performance. Linking the AI system to a proven competency framework of work performance is crucial for ensuring that AI systems deliver measurable business impacts for your organisation.



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