The Talegent assessment test platform can be configured to meet any talent assessment need. But to save you time and money, we’ve pre-configured it to provide proven off-the-shelf solutions for selecting talent based on the most relevant competencies for specific industries and job types.
Customised to Your Brand
Customised to Your Brand

We align with your recruitment campaign and employment value proposition to create a high quality, branded candidate experience that differentiates you.

Easily Configurable
Easily Configurable

Our component assessments are designed to be modular to allow easy swapping in and out based on your exact needs.

Full Integration with Your TMS/ATS
Full Integration with Your TMS/ATS

Talegent assessments easily adapt to your existing workflows so you can enjoy uninterrupted productivity and efficiency..

Easy Scalability & Upgrade-ability
Easy Scalability & Upgrade-ability

Our platform is built with the latest technology to handle high volume and the addition of enhancements with ease.

Comprehensive Local Support
Comprehensive Local Support

Our local teams are ready to respond to your needs fast.

Hire Better, Faster

Talegent assessment technology provides a wealth of data to help you make better hiring and promotion decisions. Contact us to learn how.


Handle mass volumes of candidates with greater speed, efficiency and accuracy

Thanks to the Internet increasing visibility of job postings and making applying to jobs easier, the volume of applicants has exploded. Our streamlined process eliminates time and labour intensive CV reviews and phone interviews so you sort through high numbers of candidates faster, with less staff-hours required, and with greater accuracy in identifying best potential performers.

Graphic showing the Screening of Candidates
Screening Assessment

All applicants are directed to complete a short test measuring 3-4 key competencies directly related to job performance. Unlike CV reviews, the process is fully automated so no staff time is required, and is totally objective and scientifically based so that candidates that pass the initial screen truly do represent the best. Furthermore, we offer game-based, high engagement screening assessments to create a better candidate experience and make your employer brand more attractive.

Graphic showing Video Interview Stage
Video Interview Screening

The phone interviews traditionally used to gauge communication and personal presentation skills are a pain to set up. Talegent Video Interview Screening allows candidates to record a virtual interview 24/7 at their convenience, to be reviewed by your staff at their convenience. Plus it fully integrates with competency assessments and your ATS.

Graphic showing Selection Stage
Selection Assessment

For candidates who pass the initial screens, Talegent offers an in-depth assessment that’s based on the requirements real life job performance data proves are most relevant to the role – covering personality, emotional intelligence, cognitive ability and/or specific skills. It provides an in-depth profile for each candidate that accurately identifies their strengths and weaknesses relative to the job.

Graphic showing Reference Check Stage
Verification Assessment

We provide a brief final assessment that you can administer in-house during final job interviews or assessment centres to positively confirm that the person who shows up for the job is the same person who completed the assessments.