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Talegent’s product suite contains a comprehensive range of assessments that can be used individually within your candidate journey to help you to screen, identify and select those with the highest potential. Using one assessment to enhance your recruitment process or using a combination of them to create your ideal journey, you can objectively evaluate candidates.
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PATH Personality

Gauge potential performance based on motivations, work style, and more.

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PATH Cognitive

Determine performance potential based on the full range of cognitive competencies required for any given role.

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PATH Values

Measure a candidate’s values and compare them with your organisation’s to find the best fit.

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Skills Tests

Choose from over 300 tests to measure proficiency in specific, role-required skills.

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Gamify Suite

Maximize candidate engagement with a gamified assessment suite that differentiates your brand and excites candidates.

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Video Interview

Eliminate scheduling hassles and interview inconsistency with our automated online video interview solution.

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Branding Video

Create positive and humanistic experiences with videos that engage candidates.

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Digital Assessment Centre

Consolidate test results with analysis and automation.

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Situational Judgement

Test and engage candidates through a virtual on-the-job experience.

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Psychomotor Ability

Test the hands-on abilities needed for roles in rail, transportation, manufacturing and more.

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Talegent AI Labs

The future of recruitment and HR is utilizing artificial intelligence throughout the process. Talegent’s AI Labs are currently researching ways that AI can benefit your recruitment process and to keep your workforce equipped with the capabilities of the future.

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