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Start hiring today!
Start hiring today!

Sign up today and send out invites to your candidates within minutes.

Save time & money
Save time & money

The cost of a bad hire can climb up to 2.5x their salary!

Unlock candidate potential
Unlock candidate potential

Gain a 3D image of your candidates by measuring their skills, personality & values.

Start creating your candidate pool for the future
Start creating your candidate pool for the future

Retain your candidate data and save time on sourcing when the next vacancy opens.

Hire for any role
Hire for any role

Select from 45+ pre-configured Job Family Assessments or build your candidate journey to suit your needs.

Provide feedback to your candidates
Provide feedback to your candidates

Use the assessment data and reports to provide value to your candidates, while nurturing your brand image as a bonus!

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Never pay for Video Interviewing again

Is your free trial over but you are not ready to commit yet? That’s perfectly fine! On our free plan you don’t have to commit to any payments, but can still keep us in your back pocket when the need arises, with full access to our assessments on a pay-per-result basis and 50 free Video Interviews each month!


Key benefits:

  • Enjoy full access without commitment
  • Reduce 80% of your in-person interview cost with 50 free Video Interviews
  • Engage and connect with your candidates by uploading video recordings instead of static questions in the Video Interviews


Make it work for your budget – you can send out as many or as few assessments as you like and only pay for the results as they come through.


Most suitable for individual contributors or small businesses.

For small to medium sized organisations

Screen Plan

Screen your candidates quickly and efficiently

Are you hiring right now or have a big recruitment drive coming up? With our screening package, you can identify your top talent within seconds, filter through the top performers for competencies that matter to you most, and make confident and unbiased hiring decisions.


Key benefits:

  • Reduce the time to hire by 54%
  • Build a pool of candidates that are 24% more likely to exceed performance expectations
  • Use your 10 candidate completions and 50 video interviews now, or save them up for your upcoming recruitment drive*


Select your top performers – you can easily screen out the top candidates and only pay for the reports for those who meet your benchmarks.

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Evaluate Plan

Uncover your candidates’ potential

Do you want to drill down into your candidates’ potential while providing them with a great recruitment experience? With our Evaluate package, you gain access to the perfect selection of our in-depth, intuitive and interactive reports that give you the ability to understand candidates’ strengths and development areas, provide them with feedback & can be used throughout your whole recruitment process.


Key benefits:

  • Build the perfect candidate journey from screening all the way through to talent development post-hire by utilising the data from your recruitment process
  • Access reports tailored for a variety of audiences, from the hiring manager to candidate feedback delivery
  • Use your 10 candidate completions and 50 Video Interviews now, or save them up for your upcoming recruitment drive*


Reduce your cost per candidate – gain all the information you need to make a confident hire while keeping the cost per candidate low.


*unused credits are automatically added to your next renewal for up to 12 months

These plans give you access to
PATH Suite Icon

Path Suite

Assess your candidate’s Personality, Values & Cognitive abilities

Job Family Icon

Job Families

Assess candidates with pre-selected competencies designed for 15+ specific industries

Interactive Reports

Interactive Reporting

Make confident hiring decisions and provide your candidates with valuable feedback

Skills Icon

Skills Tests

Select from 300+ Skills tests to meet your specific needs

Video Interview Icon

Video Interview

Give your candidates more autonomy and save your time

For medium to large sized organisations

Enterprise Plan

Configure your solution to scale with your needs

Our Enterprise solutions allow you to fully configure your recruitment process from company branding to seamless integration with your ATS/TMS, to accessing products such as our Gamify suite. Our Enterprise package caters to a wide range of businesses and our dedicated team will work with you to find the most suitable solution for you!


Key benefits:

  • Save time screening high-volumes of candidates and spend more time with fewer candidates
  • Access our full range of products and services, including branded assessments, Gamify Suite, Call Centre and Consulting Services
  • Dedicated Account Manager to assist you with all your needs
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