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Why Resumes Don’t Work for Grad Recruiting

Competition is fierce among fresh graduates looking for the perfect job opportunity, but if you want to hire only the best you will need a lot more than just a stack of resumes to scan through. The traditional hiring process just doesn’t cut it anymore and will not scale to meet the growing pools of candidates.

Moving to digital through an Applicant Tracking System is only the start:


Manually going through hundreds and even thousands of resumes to pick out those that may qualify for an interview is a highly inefficient process. Not to mention a tedious one. But, this has been the traditional method for filtering through graduate candidates since the beginning of time. Thankfully, automation has largely streamlined this process. But the question remains: can a plain resume give you enough insight into what type of employee they might turn out to be?

Probably not. So following from your ATS, the movement to digital screening tools can save a lot of time and more accurately find talent that performs. By going deeper into their cognitive ability, personality traits and values you can filter through vast pools of graduates with minimal added time.

Values and Culture fit

Culture fit is a big factor for graduate job seekers. They want to work in a an environment that closely aligns with their values and interests. This has to be a two-way communication that resumes can never achieve. Digital recruitment allows you to showcase your unique company culture and brand. By allowing graduates to get a feel of what it’s like to work there, they can self select for their need to fit in.

Interview and Selection

When you have cherry picked the best graduates candidates, showing their resumes around your team won’t do them justice. Similarly following the interview process, often times different interviewers may have different opinions or recollections of how they went. With digital recruiting, you can store, consolidate and present candidate data in a meaningful way for decision making.

Video Interviewing records the situation for you to go over as many times as needed. It also allows for your colleagues to view the interview first hand.

Competition to grab the best graduates has always been high, but with the ever increasing number of graduates coming out of University, finding the best and brightest is a challenge that looking at resumes can’t solve.

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