Why grads are a different breed of employee. A graduate standing in a small group

Why Graduates Are a New Type of Employee

While generation X has dominated the workforce for decades, new graduates are set to make up 75% of the working population by 2025. Graduates have vastly different expectations than their elders and many businesses struggle to find a balance. A fat paycheck is no longer enough, as there are many factors that they deem more important. 

The Right Fit  

More than anything graduates look for a place where they can fit in. They want to self-select for their need to fit in by aligning your company values with their own. Finding graduates with compatible personalities will create a positive and friendly atmosphere. This is not to say everyone must be the same, but shared points of interest and complementary team types will be the place to start.  

The Right Culture  

Although veterans of the workforce have found success through the pressure to perform in high-stress situations, this toxic environment is no longer condoned by the new age of employees. They are more likely to actively disengage, become less productive and even quit. By maintaining a positive culture, you’ll also get a much larger pool of applicants applying. Top graduates look for happy graduates, so a positive culture is an engagement tool in and of itself. 

The Right Mentor  

Graduates often want instant feedback to streamline their career advancement. They dislike managers who assign tasks and expect results without interaction. When a manager invests in developing strengths, they feel valued and are more willing to stick around. All good programs should have mentors who are willing to develop their protegees into future leaders. 

The Right Flexibility  

In this age, the allure of freelancing is an attractive path for many graduates. However, one thing they share with their predecessors is a desire for a stable full-time job and the amenities that come with it. Smart employers give them the best of both worlds by allowing flexible schedules and the opportunity to work remotely 

To Make a Difference  

How many times have you heard a graduate wanting to find purpose? Graduates can be impatient – they want to come in and immediately start making an impact on the business. They develop tunnel vision and only see the so-called difference at the end of it, not appreciating the hard work in the journey to get there. So, empower them early and involve them in the process to make them feel like they can hit the ground running.  

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