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What are your bad sales people costing you?

Good sales representatives bring in revenue. But bad sales people can end up costing you big. The DePaul University’s Sales Effectiveness Survey shows the pervasiveness of the problems of bad hiring, and how much it can cost companies. First of all, employee turnover is a huge issue for sales reps, and the data is showing that it’s a problem that has only been growing in size, with the average rate of turnover across all sectors being 28%. The data shows average cost of turnover for a sales representative is $114,957, if you have a team of 10 sales people, and 3 of them leave the company, you’re going to be footing the bill of $350,000 in wasted training.
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What’s more, each of these bad employees is potentially going to be costing hundreds of thousands in lost sales, not to mention the irreparable damage they could be doing to your reputation.
Why waste your valuable time interviewing, hiring, and training dead-end candidates, when you can spent it developing the best-of-the-best?

So how do the best sales companies ensure that they only hire the best people? By being able to identify the top performers before they hire them. Pre-employment testing is nothing new, but it is only via recent developments in technology that we have been able to leverage data to predict candidate potential with unsurpassed accuracy.

Competency based assessment combines measures of personality and intellect to predict workplace performance, and the data is showing that it works! In one major Australasian insurance company we managed to reduce turnover by 30-40% per year. In the same company we also found that sales representatives who scored highly on customer focus were converting 1.5 times as many calls to sales as those who scored in the low range. And now, Talegent is making talent assessment easier to access than ever, Talegent’s state-of-the-art Empower platform has been built from the ground up to make sure that you only hire the best, and avoid the costs that come from hiring the wrong employee. So why waste your valuable time interviewing, hiring, and training dead-end candidates, when you can spend it developing the best-of-the-best.


Talent measurement is allowing companies to hire the best sales representatives, and now it’s easier to access than ever – Empower is easy-to-use, has no contracts or minimum usage volume, and you can pay by credit card as you go. Register /empower/lism1 for Empower today, and you’ll receive 50 points, valued at over $350, so you can start employing the best representatives in the business.

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