Video Screening is the New Normal

Video Interviewing is beginning to render phone interviewing obsolete. Although phone interviewing has long been helping recruiters cut the costs and time needed for in person interviewing, now video has trumped audio as the number one screening tool.

While it is true you can get a sense of how well candidates speak and their professionalism by talking to them, scheduling a phone conversation is often easier said than done. This undermines the fundamental objective of saving time. Video interviewing goes beyond the Skype paradigm by facilitating an on-demand process, where you set the questions in advance and the candidates can answer in their own time.

Here are some specific advantages over traditional phone interviewing:

  • Video interviews can be completed online by candidates themselves at any time of day or night, no scheduling required and no HR staff time required. All they need is 30-60 minutes and an internet connection.
  • They provide a structured and consistent interview process, where each candidate receives the same questions.
  • The video is recorded and stored securely, improving HR collaboration in the decision-making process. Multiple managers can view and weigh in.
  • You don’t just hear candidates, you get to see their appearance too.
  • They can be integrated into competency based assessments as a package to view and compare candidates holistically.
  • They can shorten the time candidates need to spend at Assessment Centres.

Talegent has recently launched an enhanced version of our existing Video Interview package, optimized for smartphone and tablet use.

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