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Values alignment within Summerset’s Candidate Journey

Value alignment between an individual and an organisation is beneficial for both parties. Greater alignment between an individual’s most important values and an organisation’s values promotes higher levels of happiness at work for the employee. But what does that mean for an employer?

Shared values are positively related to positive work attitudes, including employee satisfaction, commitment, and involvement. Employees aligned with your mission and direction have increased on-the-job satisfaction, engagement, and resilience – leading to decreased turnover.

The key question to ask during any recruitment drive is, do your candidates’ values align with your organisation? It can be all too easy for a candidate to do some research into what your values are and tailor any interview responses to them, so how do you know if they are genuine?

One way is through a values assessment. These digital psychometric assessments are designed to circumvent a candidate’s ability to answer specifically for an organisation, by measuring what they prioritise (sometimes making them choose between two things they highly prioritise). Talegent’s Values tools are designed to help you hire employees aligned with your organisation.

One of our clients who implemented an innovative values assessment is Summerset. As one of the country’s largest and most respected operators in the retirement village and aged care sector, it is important for them that their employees all have values alignment, regardless of the role. Because of this, they wanted to introduce any applicants to their organisation and their organisational values alongside assessing the applicant’s values. To do this, we created a bespoke Branding Video with an introduction to Summerset and our interactive and tailored Values Assessment.

First screen of Summerset's culture-fit assessment video. Woman on the left hand side and a textbox to the right says:
Are we a match? Is Summerset the right workplace for you? Take out culture-fit assessment to find out. Start.

This interactive video sits on Summerset’s careers webpage where it provides applicants with a snapshot of Summerset’s culture and values. Pairing the Branding Video with the values assessment help candidates to determine if Summerset is the right organisation for them, they receive their results at the end of the assessment to help them make that call. Sharing Summersets workplace culture and the results of the values assessment enables candidates to self-select and apply for roles based on their fit with Summerset. The values assessment supports the hiring managers with culture alignment recruitment – as the results are used to help determine whether candidates have cultural alignment to Summerset. 

Following the implementation of the Branding Video and Values Assessment , Summerset has found that the candidates that progress to the next stage in the recruitment process are more aware of what Summerset does, and what Summerset’s culture is like.  

“It’s a wonderful opportunity to showcase to future employees the reasons to come and work with us and gives candidates feedback on their alignment with our core values which enhances their connection with Summerset. We couldn’t be happier with the partnership and innovation Talegent has given us to help our brand stand out to future employees.”

By providing an engaging experience within the recruitment process, organisations can enable a more positive candidate experience. This will leave a good impression on a candidate even if they don’t get the role and candidates will often share recruitment experiences they have, be it negative or positive.

Incorporating candidate feedback into the recruitment process is a key part of providing a good candidate experience – you can’t improve what you don’t know about. Summerset included candidate feedback where candidates could provide their thoughts on the length, ease of use, and engagement – and any other comments they had on the process. Summerset has received great feedback from candidates with 93% of candidates rating the Branding Video and culture-fit assessment process as enjoyable.

Candidate Feedback
I thoroughly enjoyed how you engaged me in two complex things like introducing your organisation briefly and knowing me at the same time. It is really new and great.A good introduction and overview of what Summerset is all about. Extremely nice to see that you are focused on the wellbeing of your residents and that everyone is respected and appreciated regardless of their position or title.I’ve never seen an application quite like this one, very enjoyable and clever. Summerset looks like an awesome place.

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