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Using Digital Tools to improve your Candidate Experience

More and more often, organisations are integrating new technology in their recruitment strategies. These digital tools can help to improve talent attraction and the quality of hires. Digital recruitment tools can even help you to save time and reduce costs, all while identifying top candidates. 

Now is the perfect time to reflect on your current recruitment process and identify where digital tools can help you improve.

Using technology to help build a good employer brand

To boost your digital recruitment efforts, you may want to improve your social media marketing. Social media is a great tool to build connections and interact with applicants.

Just as you’re looking for the best person for the role, applicants are looking for employers that match their requirements and values. Social media can help you to share your values and employee experience with potential candidates. Hiring teams can engage with a large pool of applicants on social media at a low cost.

91% of recruiters from a CareerArc survey recognise the value social media can provide when recruiting. believe that these will continue to be important sources of applicants over the next 5 years. Leveraging social networking sites can help recruiters attract potential candidates.

Mobile-friendly recruitment tools remain crucial as more than half (58%) of job seekers look for jobs on their mobile phones. Mobile-friendly applications provide better application experiences for your candidates, improving your employer brand.

Implement technology to help you communicate with your candidates

Recruiters are realising the importance of communicating with candidates even before they apply. As a result of this, there has been a 78% increase in companies utilising chatbots on their career sites. Chatbots can answer simple questions from potential applicants, freeing up recruitment teams.

Communicating regularly with your candidates improves their candidate experience and your employer brand. In fact, 81% of applicants said that frequent contact during the hiring process is crucial to improving the experience. Yet, only 23% of candidates say they receive notification of the next steps when they apply and 24% of candidates were able to view an application progress indicator. Not fully communicating puts your company at risk of losing candidates during your hiring process.

To avoid this, your hiring team can set up automatic emails based on the stages of the hiring process. These update candidates about the status of their application during the first few stages of the application. Recruiters can create more personalised emails the closer further through the process they get.

Use Assessments and Gamification to recruit top talent

When recruiters add tools to the application process, they gain more insight into candidates. Assessments help recruiters make better hiring decisions and they are becoming more common. 22% of employers have used situational judgment tests or assessments to gauge candidates responses in work-related situations.

When incorporating assessments, employers are including more gamification-based assessments. Gamified assessments are a way to engage candidates while gathering data on how they may perform in their role. Traditional assessments may seem dull, but gamified assessments can help engage candidates. For example, Talegent’s Gamify Suite has had a 99% completion rate – compared to a 86% for traditional assessments.

Technology-driven processes like social media and assessments can noticeably impact candidate engagement. Implementing digital tools that will help you hire top-quality talent is the next step to improving your candidate journey.

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