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Upping your Candidate Experience with Talegent

Product News from Richard Thwaite, Talegent Product Director

Not very long ago, few companies were very focused on candidate experience. Thanks to increased competition for top talent, that’s changed. Today, many of the leading companies with whom we work put the creation of a differentiating and engaging candidate experience as one of their primary goals. One way we’ve addressed that is with the recent launch of our new Gamify game-based assessment. It takes candidate experience and engagement to a whole new level.

But we see this new focus on candidate experience as inevitable evolution and an industry game changer. Talegent has changed along with it. In the past, we saw our mission as combining psychology and technology. But we’ve added design into that mix, and are applying latest UI design best practices to all of our assessments. To drive higher engagement – and decrease candidate drop-out – we’ve set 3 key design principles. Assessments need be:

  • The right length – i.e., not too long
  • The right difficulty – questions must provide the right degree of challenge
  • Easy to complete – technology must be transparent & intuitive

We are currently applying this new standard across the board to refine and revamp all of our assessments. First to complete the process is Talegent Video Interviewing.

The New Talegent Video Interviewing now offers a fresher, cleaner experience for candidates, and is even more intuitive to use than it already was. From working with clients, we’ve made it more flexible as well, so companies can configure it to create the experience they want to present to candidates. For example, Video Interviewing can be used as a standalone module for screening as originally designed. In addition, however, it may be interspersed into the competency assessment experience, or focus on key competencies to be used later in the hiring process.

While refreshed to deliver better engagement, Talegent Video Interviewing continues to provide your HR department with important operational benefits. Compared to phone or face-to-face interviews, it allows you to interview more candidates faster and more efficiently, with fewer staff hours required. Plus, it’s way more convenient for your staff and your candidates. Candidates can record their interview anytime 24/7. Staff can review those interviews at any time, easily accessing them and scoring them from within their ATS.

Want to see the difference? Contact us for a demo of Talegent’s New Video Interview Screening

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