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Three Key Talent Assessment Trends

“As time goes on, advances in science and technology will allow talent assessments to become increasingly more effective, and the more effective talent assessments become, the less anyone will notice them.” – Charles Handler

Technology is truly meeting Psychology.  A large number of companies are offering fresh and engaging products that are redefining the assessment marketplace in 2014. I came across a great article that points out some of the latest key talent trends surfacing in the industry.

 1. Power to the People – More Evolved Tools

A major shift toward increased number of job applicants is underway which is going to have significant pressure on employers. Hence it is imperative to use assessments to their full potential to assess talent and reduce hiring stress

  • Assessment must be accessible — Applicants are going to need to take assessment on a mobile device otherwise potentially look for a job elsewhere.
  • Assessments must be engaging and be job related — They need to be short, entertaining and provide a realistic job preview in an interactive environment. This not only provides the candidate to express his thoughts but also gives the employer an insight of the candidate.
  • Feedback will be required — Whether it is a thankyou note or an in-depth evaluation, feedback serves as a tool to help candidates get a better understanding of the work environment and make sure they are on the right track.

2. Assessment is Being Applied “Above the Funnel”

Why not use the most valid selection techniques earlier in the selection process?  This is especially relevant when there are more applicants for many roles than ever before. Charles makes a valid point that resumes are not dead – but Job Boards certainly are on their way out.

“Soon almost all matching of job seekers to job openings will begin outside the formal hiring process and will be based on membership in communities where verifiable personal information will be housed.”

Assessment data will provide enhanced & objective information and will help “direct traffic” above the funnel. Talent Measurement will be applied to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the hiring process.

3. Talent Measurement through Assessment will Continue to Gain Traction

Charles refers to two key reasons why talent assessment is rising.

Firstly – There is a vast and building amount of data demonstrating that assessment can indeed predict individual performance at work.

“The more the connection between assessments and business data becomes a given amongst HR and business leaders, the more popular assessment will become.”

Secondly – Assessments are becoming more accessible with lower price points.  We as assessment partners will need to support our per test fees with localised validation and clear linkages to business outcomes.

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