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Thought Leadership in Predictive Analytics

Congratulations to our Founder & CEO, who recently made the top 112 HR Analytics Influencers to watch for 2018. With over twenty years in the assessment scene, it comes as no surprise when John emphasises the must have nature of predictive analytics, he speaks for many HR thought leaders and influencers.

John, among the other thought leaders are your easily accessible go-to resource in this paradigm of information overload. Becoming a thought leader is the culmination of many factors, but most importantly, a deep background in the industry, thought provoking articles, engaging videos and the knowledge shared for improving HR analytics were the keys to success.

The buzz phrases floating around out there such as candidate experience, learning agility and gamification are much more than just that! So feel free to peruse around our blog to glean insight for your organisation’s needs.

Talegent offers a large range of analytic tools for recruitment. Check them out below and see what suits your recruitment needs or reach out to us for a demo.

We hope the knowledge John and the team shares will continue to improve the HR analytics functions and decisions within your organisation. For more in depth information on predictive analytics, check out our whitepapers.

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