There’s an easy way to hire the best sales reps

The data shows that 8% of salespeople make 80% of the sales, but how can you tell this prized 8% from the rest before you hire them?

New technologies have enabled us to tell exactly what makes a good salesperson tick, and you can leverage these to find a team that will be a joy to lead. Talent assessment is the science of assessing potential hirees on the competencies that predict performance in the workplace, so you can remove the guesswork from the hiring process.

Every salesperson will tell you they have great potential. Talegent allows you to measure it, and compare between candidates.

Typically, talent assessments will look at cognitive ability or personality to predict performance. At Talegent, we have combined both to produce unsurpassed accuracy in predicting which candidates are going to perform. Every salesperson will tell you they have great potential. Talegent allows you to measure it, and compare between candidates.

Here are just a few of the competencies which Talegent have found to predict the star sales representatives.

BuildingRelationshipsIcon Building Relationships: A great sales rep initiates and maintains relationships with customers, is socially confident and quick to build rapport. They tend to create a positive first impression and affiliate well with individuals at all levels, both internal and external to the organisation.
ProblemSolvingIcon Problem Solving: Top performing sales reps are able to make effective decisions by utilising thorough analysis and logic, resulting in high quality recommendations for customers. They are also highly capable of learning new information and integrating this with their existing knowledge.
NegotiationIcon Negotiation: The best sales reps are effective in influencing the thoughts and actions of others. They are also able to successfully negotiate and persuade others to align with their goals.
SalesFocusIcon Sales Focus: Sales focus measures the tendency to be energetic, persuasive, engaging, and outcome focused when working towards sales goals. A study in one major Australasian company found that Sales reps who scored highly in sales focus converted almost 1.5 times more outbound calls to sales.

So why waste your valuable time interviewing, hiring, and training dead-end candidates, when you can spend it developing the best-of-the-best. So what are you waiting for?

Register for Talegent Empower today, and you can get started on turning your sales force into the best in the business.

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