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The Top Ten Thought-Leading Psychologists From 2015

Any industry is only as good as the innovators that drive it, and fortunately 2015 has proven that the psychometric testing industry is in very capable hands. Paul Thorenson recently released a list of the 80 IOPsych pros to follow on Twitter, and it’s a fantastic primer on who’s who in the IOPsych industry. Having been inspired by him, we’ve compiled our own list of the 10 Psychs who we think would appear on the IOPsych Santa’s ‘Nice’ list this year. So here they are, in no particular order:

  • Laszlo Bock: Work Rules! Was Laszlo Bock’s foray into publishing this year, and it provides in-depth insights on how Google does their hiring better. It’s rare to have such a thorough look into the processes behind a hiring juggernaut like Google.
  • Dave Milner: Dave Milner runs the absolutely fantastic @HRcurator twitter, which is an absolutely invaluable resource for all the latest news and reports from all over the I/O psych industry.
  • Peter Saville: The chairman of the Saville Consulting group, Peter Saville has made numerous contributions to the I/O psych industry over the years.
  • David Green: @david_green_uk is another terrific source for I/O psych information. A tireless social media poster, you can’t look past David Green for the most biting commentary on the latest developments in talent measurement.
  • Daniel Goleman: Daniel Goleman is one of the foremost psychologists working in the field of emotional intelligence, and his work has had a great deal of influence on the direction which personality testing in the workplace has taken.
  • Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic: The CEO of Hogan assessments, and writer of an absolutely fantastic blog on assessment. He frequently tackles the big questions around talent measurement, and consistently does so in a funny and absolutely engaging way
  • Rosabeth Moss Kanter: Okay, to be fair, Rosabeth Moss Kanter isn’t an I/O psychologist, she’s a professor at the Harvard Business School, however she has produced a simply astonishing amount of literature on the workplace. These achievements have earned her 23 honorary degrees from various universities around the world.
  • Dave Winsborough: Dave Winsborough has been a fixture of the New Zealand assessment industry for the past two decades. In 2015, he wrote a fascinating examination of how personality tests can help pick a better performing team.
  • Sigmund Freud: You’ve probably already guessed, but Freud didn’t publish any works in 2015 (he died in 1939), so his inclusion on this list can be considered a lifetime achievement award of sorts. Even though many of his ideas have since fallen out of favor, his influence on the world of psychology cannot be denied.
  • Paul Thoresen: Of course, I would be remiss not to include the absolutely terrific Paul Thoresen (@surveyguy2) on Twitter. Another Twitter power user, his tweets will always have something to teach even the most seasoned I/O veterans.

In 2015, we’ve pushed the boundaries on Talent Measurement more than in any other year, introducing solutions using big data, talent analytics, simulation, and rounding out our Empower and PATH platforms with more than 30 job specific assessments, and a myriad of other improvements to both the recruiters’ and candidate’s experience, so you can find and hire the best worker elves more easily than ever before. And we have a funny feeling that in 2016 we’ll be playing not-so-secret Santa and delivering even more goodies into your recruitment toolbox.

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