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The Times they are A-Changin’: Five Critical Features Needed in Today’s Contact Centres

As with many industries, the last few years have brought about many grand changes in the ways in which contact centres perform their business. We’ve spent the last several years talking to and getting feedback from managers and executives at some of the world’s leading contact centres, and have developed a list of the five critical features that today’s contact centre’s hiring solutions need to survive and prosper in today’s ultra-competitive world:

  • Objective Measures: Gone are the days when a CV or face-to-face interview could give you all the information you needed about a potential hiree. In today’s business world employees need to have a wide range of skills, and it is simply impossible for one hiring manager to track every ability in every candidate across hundreds of applicants. Scientific, data-based hiring sidesteps these pitfalls by objectively measuring every candidate by the same proven methodology.
  • Integration of the Latest Technologies: ‘Call centre’ may be a term which we see being used ever more infrequently over the next couple of years, as it no longer adequately describes the wide range of communication methods that a call centre will use. Technologies like web chat are increasingly becoming the norm in the modern contact centre, and assessment tools need to be able to objectively measure a candidate’s ability to use these new tools.
  • Realistic Simulation: The best indication of how well a candidate will perform in a role is to have them perform it. By integrating a variety of simulations into the hiring process, a contact centre can see how a candidate will perform without having to waste time and money on a costly trial period. Automating this process is particularly important in order to deal with the simply massive volume of applicants that contact centre positions receive.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: All the testing and data in the world will be completely redundant if this is information is not available in an easy-to-use and intuitive format. Therefore, the best hiring solutions will not only have excellent data gathering proficiency, but also the capability to dissect and delve through this data to find exactly what information is needed.
  • Proven Results: All of the above are critical to the efficient functioning of a contact centre, but implementing a solution which isn’t built on proven results would be a recipe for catastrophe. Why waste valuable resources through trial and error? Applying solutions which are known to work to the hiring process is critical in realising and maintaining a successful contact centre.

So there you have it, five absolutely critical features that today’s contact centre’s need to excel in today’s cut-throat business world. At Talegent, we have taken these points and used them to build a customised talent acquisition system from the ground. A system which we believe to be the best in the world, and the data agrees with us. If you would like to know more, check out our newest demonstration video, or visit us on our website.

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