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The Importance of Integration

Imagine you have sent out assessment links to all your applicants. They emailed you their applications, you downloaded and filtered through them manually. Then you began emailing links to the most promising. Now you are waiting for a notification in your assessment platform to say they have completed the assessment. Then you’ll be sending them the next round of information – either a video interview or a decline.

This is an incredibly manual process where you track applicants’ progress individually. In doing so, recruiters use a lot of time that they could otherwise spend with their candidates.

To save time, recruiters can use a platform such as Talegent’s where they can use a range of measurement tools, or an integration platform. These tools collate all your candidate data in one place, meaning you don’t have to trawl through each of your platforms.

What is an ATS?

An ATS (Applicant Tracking System) or TMS (Talent Measurement System), is a tool that enables you to track and measure each step of your recruitment process. They collect and store information about your applicants from the very beginning of the hiring process. ATS’s show which stage of the application process candidates are in and can help you rank them. 

When a candidate applies to a job, their information [contact details, CV, qualifications etc] uploads to your ATS database. Your recruiting team can then use the system to review resumes, send automated messages to candidates and schedule assessments and interviews.

Benefits of using an ATS
  • Process automation to maximise efficiency and time and cost savings
  • Centralisation of applicant data for easy access and management
  • Metrics availability to support reporting and analytics
  • Extensive reporting and data analytic tools online
  • Unified candidate experience

Strengthen your organisation with assessment data integration

Organisations need to make sure they have the right technology to help their recruitment team. Otherwise, they will struggle to collect and analyse the data. Organisations should first look at their main recruiting platform. These providers should be able to provide analytic data and the tools to understand it.

Data collection mustn’t be siloed, but this can be difficult when dealing with many systems. To ensure candidate data and insights are accurately analysed, recruiters need integration between their recruitment systems. Multi-feature systems, such as Talegent, can decrease complications as recruiters can use them for multiple tasks rather than a singular function.

Talegent's ATS and TMS integration map. It shows the candidate touchpoint, where Talegent integrates with the TMS and the recruiter touchpoint.

Talegent’s range of assessment solutions provides a wealth of data to help you make better hiring and promotion decisions. By integrating with your ATS or TMS we make all that data easily available to your organisation at every stage of the process.

Talegent’s Integration Partners

Thanks to many integrations performed for our clients, we’re pleased to have close working relationships with leading ATS’s. Thanks to the flexibility of our assessment solution architecture, we’re able to provide integrations that others can’t or won’t.

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