Use this Candidate Framework for an Award-Winning CX

ERE have produced a comprehensive step-by-step guide to upping the candidate experience. For lone recruiters and organisations alike, an end-to-end process assists to keep the key points in mind when goals and visions are in need of communication. The candidate framework is as follows:

  1. Employer Brand Awareness
  2. Job Description/Online Application Submittal
  3. Phone Screen/Interview(s)
  4. Job Offer
  5. Candidate Dispositioning
  6. Pre-boarding/Onboarding
  7. Measuring Candidate Experience/Quality Control

The candidate experience (CX) framework 1.0 diagram. Takes you through the 7 stages of a candidate journey/experienceRead the full article at:

Candidates are indeed our customers, as found by Virgin Media when it realized that 18 percent of its rejected candidates were also customers, and costs due to poor candidate experience added up to $5.4 million in revenue.

While this candidate framework is a good starting point, Talegent recommends adjusting a few stages to improve not only your candidate experience but our recruiter experience.

An additional stage can be added between 2 and 3: pre-hire assessments. These tools help recruiters to gauge candidates abilities and work style. Pre-hire assessments can be used to filter candidates who don’t meet the needs of the role. They can also help to tailor your strategy when applying the post-hire stages.

At stage 3: the traditional phone screening can be replaced with video interviewing. This is improves candidate interaction and saves time across the board. 

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