A Major Data Boost at Talegent with New Reports

Talegent Announces a Major Data Boost and New Reports

There are some scientists that say that all reality can be expressed mathematically. OK, that might be a little heavy, but we at Talegent are certainly big on data. That should come as no surprise given that we are psychometricians and providing quantitative measures of human abilities and personality is at the core of what we do. Nevertheless, we are continuously searching to find more meaning in the numbers and uncover new ways to unlock the power of analytics. And we have just come up with a new one that Talegent clients can start putting to use immediately.

Our new Automated Data Analytics Reporting allows us to quickly and easily generate reports to give Talegent clients complete visibility into all the data collected via their hiring assessment platform. This allows you to do things like:

  • Assess candidate engagement and monitor dropout rates
  • Compare scores for your candidate pool against industry norms
  • Perform cohort analysis
  • Analyse demographics to see how your candidate population is changing
  • And more!

The reports we can deliver will allow you to cut, dice and slice your data any way you choose. While we were able to deliver these analyses in the past, the process for retrieving it was manual. Now fully automated, we can deliver whatever data you’d like to look at fast, in a form that makes analysis easy.

Want a take a deep dive into your data? Contact your Talegent Account Rep now!

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