The Three Most Exciting New Features of Talegent’s Contact Centre Solution

Over the past couple of years Talegent’s contact centre software has been an incredible accomplishment, and we have seen some incredible success stories coming out of the industry. But success isn’t built through inaction, and so we’ll soon be releasing Version Two of our Contact Centre solution. For Version Two, we’ve integrated all of the feedback we’ve received from you – and used it to build a product that we think is better than ever. In light of this, I’ve selected what I think are the top three features of our brand new contact centre solution.

  • Webchat: Just a few short years ago webchat features were a novelty, now they’re an essential business communication. We have recognised this and added a webchat feature to our Contact Centre Simulation, so you can get the most complete picture of how contact-centre operatives will handle customer requests – regardless of how they communicate with them.
  • Voice audition: I’m sure you’ve all had the experience of being on the phone with a contact-centre operative who is… less than engaging. Contact centre version two offers the feature of recording candidate’s responses so you can see how they will sound when talking on the phone.
  • User interface overhaul: Contact Centre Version One was an excellent simulation of what a contact-centre looks like, but I believe that Version Two has far surpassed this goal. We looked at some of the software that the largest contact-centres use and used this to produce an experience that not only looks, but also sounds and feels real (although hopefully without the crumbs on the keyboard).

Along with this top three, there will be a spate of other improvements including improved localisation, an in-depth tutorial, and many more. With Contact Centre Version Two I believe we have not only reached the cutting edge, but far outstripped it. If you’d like to know more about what Talegent can do for you, visit our website.

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