Leading Luminaries in Psychometric Testing

Sure – we ourselves are talent assessment experts, but we can’t think of everything! There are a number of industry experts we follow for education, provocation, and inspiration. If you too are interested in learning from some of the top thinkers in the psychometric field, here are our suggestions:

  1. Paul Thoresen: As an expert in industrial and organisational psychology, Paul Thoresen, specialises in data analysis, facilitation, consultation and change management, aiming specifically to assist HR and management professionals. We watch out for his tweets so that we can keep our fingers on the pulse of the latest trends in talent acquisition.
  2. Laszlo Bock: Laszlo Bock provides interesting insight into the hiring processes behind (arguably) the world’s most successful company, Google. Google’s novel approach to managing people and utilising psychometric tools is well recognised and Laszlo provides a comprehensive understanding of the behind-the-scenes workings in his recently published book, Work Rules!
  3. David Green: @david_green_uk consistently delivers insightful commentary on the latest developments in talent measurement. He posts provocative articles undermining conventional wisdom and provoking thought about controversial subjects, such as automation, computerisation and artificial intelligence.
  4. Dave Milner: Dave Milner runs the future-focused @HRcurator twitter account, which is one of our prime sources for all the latest news, reports, and trends from all over the industrial and organisational psych industry.
  5. Daniel Goleman: As a heavyweight in the field of emotional intelligence research, Daniel Goleman is a huge influence on the direction that personality testing in the workplace has taken, which is why we like to stay up to date with him and his research.
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