Immersify: The Most Engaging Way to Measure Reasoning Ability & Learning Agility

Today I spoke with Richard Thwaite, Talegent’s Quality and Support Manager, about Talegent’s newest assessment, Immersify.

Good afternoon Richard, can you tell me a bit about Immersify and how it works?

“Immersify is our new gamified assessment. It is a tool to assess someone’s learning ability and learning agility by using functions or formulas to solve a system. What happens is candidates are presented with a range of these functions that they can use to make changes to a ‘panel’. There are three panels – the first panel shows a range of functions (called the functional panel), the second panel allows candidates to test out these functions and see how they affect a given image (called the experimental panel), once the candidate has learnt what the effects of the functions are, they apply them in the final panel
(the ‘real’ panel). Because we have the experimental panel, we can actually assess someone’s Learning Agility as we can see how fast they’re learning what the effects of the functions are, and we can also assess their Learning Ability in how many correct placements they make in the final panel. These competencies have been shown to be two of the most predictive assessment measures across a wide variety of job roles. Another bonus is that the narratives or scenarios of the testing process can be completely customised to match the client’s needs.”

sdrWhen is Immersify used?

“Immersify can be used at any stage of the recruitment process. Using it at the screening stage is particularly beneficial because companies can quickly get to the high performers, easily sifting through the large volumes of applicants. Again, Immersify is customisable so it can be adjusted to fit any recruitment process needs.”

immersify2What are the benefits of gamified assessment?

“One of the benefits of gamified assessment is that there are much lower dropout rates compared with traditional testing methods. In past graduate campaigns we have seen dropout rates upwards of 10%, but with our new gamified assessment we have experienced an under 1.2% dropout rate! Our gamified assessment is also very well tested – only 0.5% of candidates contacted our help desk with issues in terms of completing the assessment. This type of assessment makes for a much more engaging experience for the candidate. This means that candidates almost forget they’re doing an assessment – they get involved with it, they have fun with it, they enjoy it, and as a result they’re more likely to complete it and move on to the next stage of recruitment.”

So there you have it! The new trend in the HR community comes to life in Talegent’s Immersify, a gamified assessment which can be fully customised to suit your company’s needs.

(Left to right) Richard Thwaite, Madeleine Vaassen, Cam Beazley

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