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As someone out there developing and selling new HR assessment technology, it has certainly been my experience that corporate HR divisions are hungry for innovation, and that our industry is poised for tremendous growth

A large reason for my bullishness is that I’ve had my head in the “cloud.”

Cloud technology makes it easier than ever to switch HR tech systems—and better inform the recruiting process by tapping into big data…

AND integrate a whole host of emerging/evolving tools like simulations, games, video-based interviews, viral recruiting ads and more to custom create a wholly unique, localised and branded experience to give your organization an advantage in identifying and attracting top talent.

Always on the lookout for evidence to support (or even sometimes refute) my point-of-view, I found my thoughts echoed in a recent article on, summarizing key findings from recent research conducted by Bersin by Deloitte, titled “7 Reasons HR Technology Is So Hot Today”

One quote that really stood out for me:

“Our research now shows that the #1 driver of change is the need for a more compelling, consumer-like, experience.”

That is definitely something we are striving to do at Talegent, and is driving innovation throughout our industry.

And here are the 7 reported research findings why HR tech is so hot:

  1. HR Software systems are aging.
  2. Cloud HR software is now easy to buy.
  3. New user interfaces are a top driver for replacement.
  4. Companies have too many systems and are ready to consolidate.
  5. The Potential for BigData Analytics is Driving Adoption
  6. Cloud Technology makes it Easier to Switch Vendors
  7. Talent has now become one of the most important issues on the mind of the CEO

Definitely worth a read!

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