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How Gamified Assessments work for you with Graduates

As demand grows for new and differentiated skills, especially in rapidly changing fields, it will become more complex and problematic for employers to hire graduates based on specific skills and technical expertise alone.

The graduate recruiter’s challenge is fourfold:

  • Attract and engage: Using a positive brand message to tap into the best candidates
  • Minimise drop out: Keeping candidates engaged throughout the selection journey
  • Predicting performance: Measuring core capabilities that predict person-job and organisation culture fit.
  • Provide candidate feedback: Positioning their company as an employer of choice

With these recruiter demands; it is essential to use an assessment that excites and engages candidates and provides recruiters with the data they need to hire. Gamified assessments are a frequently used tool within the graduate recruitment industry as they appeal to the engaging and personalised experience that many candidates have come to expect.

Alongside the struggles for assessing huge numbers of candidates, there is real competition when recruiting graduates.  Employers need to be able to differentiate their application process and assessments from every other company that is hiring.  To keep your organisation in front of mind for those you want to hire, you need to make the time they spend on the application process as engaging as possible. Recruiters and employers need to find a way to interact with their applicants, treating graduates as individuals and including recruitment tests that keep them interested – and avoiding the weariness of repetitive applications and assessments.

By incorporating gamified elements into the candidate journey, recruiters can actively engage their graduate candidates and assess their abilities. Talegent’s Gamify Suite helps recruiters understand candidates logical, verbal and numerical reasoning abilities, as well as their learning agility. Gamified assessments also allow employers to incorporate their employer branding throughout the assessments, whether it be the physical branding or the company values, which enables candidates to self-select for a role that suits them. With the insight into candidate’s potential, recruiters are able to better select the top graduates for how they may perform in the future.

For all these reasons, forward-thinking recruiters have been seeking an objective methodology for accurately predicting on-the-job performance that can not only attract but also process, large numbers of applicants quickly.

One such tool is Talegent’s Gamify Suite – request a demo today!

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