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How a Positive Candidate Experience Can Improve Your Employer Brand

Employers have a lot of leverage in the talent market, but there’s no doubt that candidates choose what organisations they want to work for. As such, if no candidates are applying, employers have no leverage. So, a positive employer brand is an important step to attracting top talent. Which is why employer branding should be a critical component of any recruitment strategy. One way to improve your brand is to improve your candidate experience. 

A positive employer brand attracts more applicants than a negative or neutral one. Job seekers are highly engaged and well-researched when applying for a role. They now have access to more information than ever about their potential employers, such as reviews shared by their fellow job seekers and current employees. As a result of this, 51% of companies would increase their investments in employer branding as they believe that managing employer brand and reputation is important to attract top talent.

As well as impacting their future applications, the experience can directly impact them as consumers of the brand. 64% of job applicants are less likely to use goods or services from a company if they had poor candidate experience. While employers are starting to recognise this influence, only one-in-four measure potential revenue loss due to poor candidate experience.

Here are some stats from the Talent Board 2019 survey that may help guide you to improve your candidate experience:

Reviews and referrals as an effective recruitment strategy
  • Over 40% of candidates said they wanted even more information about the culture and nearly 30% wanted more information on why employees want to work for an employer
  • 67% of candidates said they are likely to refer to other people based on their experience.
  • 75% of candidates share their positive experiences and 51% share their negative experiences.
Listen to job seekers to improve candidate experience
  • As a whole, candidates who were asked for feedback about their application experience give a 43% higher rating of the experience. They were also more likely to be willing to increase their relationship with the organisation.
  • When candidates are asked for feedback at the screening or interview stage, there is an 80% increase in the overall candidate’s rating of the experience and a willingness to further develop a relationship with the organisation.
  • Giving candidates specific feedback on their applications, reduced the resentment rate by 92%.
  • By providing rejected candidates with targeted feedback at the screening or interview phase, employers can increase their candidate feedback ranking by over 35%.


Providing a positive and personalised candidate experience can improve your employer brand. In creating a positive employer brand, you can increase your talent pool of quality candidates. Not to mention that satisfied candidates are more likely to provide positive feedback – regardless of if they get the role or not.


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