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Four game-changing trends in graduate recruitment

Talegent recently hosted our Embracing a Hire Reality graduate event, and it was an amazing showcase of some of the biggest upcoming technologies in the graduate recruitment space. In case you missed it, I have picked out four of the key trends that appeared from the event:

  • A paradigm shift is coming: Okay, so this probably appears in almost everything written about HR, but it can’t be stressed enough that the graduate recruitment space as we know it is about to change. Mostly, this is thanks to the new technology which is about to be launched. The HR space has already seen massive changes because of the computer revolution, but this was only the beginning.
  • Have you got the right FIT for grad recruitment? One of Talegent’s own developments in the recruitment space has been the creation of full immersion testing, or FIT for short. In brief, FIT is an innovative new testing technology that presents candidates with video-based scenarios and asks the candidate to select the best response to the situation. When compared to cognitive testing and personality questionnaires, situational judgement tests provide and engaging, realistic job preview while measuring many of the same personality characteristics and abilities.
  • What do you value in grads? One of the biggest findings from the event was the most desired characteristics of top graduates. We worked with organisations across the globe to identify what the most desirable characteristics in graduates were. So what were the top 3? drive and motivation, people skills, and written communication. Even better, FIT is able to measure and identify these characteristics in graduates.
  • Augmented reality: Jonathan Keyse of One Fat Sheep spoke about the massive application that augmented reality is going to have in the HR space over the next few years. While FIT could be considered the first steps on the road to an augmented workplace, over the next few years we’ll likely see widespread adoption of these technologies with some very exciting results.

Hopefully this was a good taste of some of the sweeping changes that are about to affect the graduate recruitment industry. If you would like to get find out about these technologies straight from the source you check out our website.

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