Cutting phone cord

Cutting the Cord: Video Screening to Replace Phone Interviews

Don’t you hate phone interviews? They can be very inconsistent, hard to capture in your Applicant Tracking System, and virtually impossible to share…but worst of all, they’re a nightmare to schedule! Both parties get frustrated playing phone tag and enduring “voicemail hell”, wasting precious time and money trying to get in contact. This time could be better spent actually evaluating and finding suitable candidates, so what are your other options if you’re not in a position to interview face-to-face? Video screening!

Video screening involves a candidate recording themselves answering given questions which would normally be asked over the phone. They have a few minutes to prepare and can only do one take (so they can’t rehearse their answers!) They then upload this video online so that you and your team can evaluate it whenever it suits you.

Firstly, this kind of interview is more time and cost effective than phone interviews, as candidates can complete them online whenever it suits them, without wasting HR people’s time. They also provide structured interview consistency, assuring each candidate gets asked the same questions. Collaboration is also very easy, as numerous managers can weigh in on the recorded interview. You can see as well as hear a candidate, meaning you can get a better sense of who they are (and can put a name to a face!)

Additionally, video interviewing solutions can even allow for integration with competency-based assessments to provide greater insight into a candidate’s ability. Some competencies which have been shown to predict workplace performance include: Verbal, Numerical, and Logical Reasoning, Drive for Results, Social Skills, Influencing and Motivational skills, Confidence and Optimism, Teamwork, Dependability, and Business Acumen.

Video interviews are particularly effective at measuring the key competency Verbal Reasoning. In the workplace, communication is key. Having good verbal reasoning skills means that your employees can understand and interpret written and spoken information. Even more importantly – they can make themselves understood by others.

By assessing these competencies, it is possible to predict up to 40% of a candidate’s workplace performance, making this much more effective than some other measures, such as grades on their own (which are only around 1% predictive of performance!) This speeds up the recruitment process and allows you to determine a candidate’s potential before you hire them.

At Talegent, we have designed a video screening system and assessments which evaluate a candidate’s ability within any given competency. By avoiding hiring mistakes before you make them in the first place, money, time, and effort can be saved. By using screening solutions, you can hire the best of the best, avoiding hiring people who will slow down your business.

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