Leader coaching team to develop organisational grit

Building Grit in your Organisation

Grit is defined as the exceptional stamina of an individual to achieve high performance. Individuals who have strong grit are always trying to improve, make necessary sacrifices, and stay passionate about what they do. It is a competency that is vital to achieving higher productivity and better performance at work. Individuals with high levels of grit can help when building grit in your organisation.

People who have strong grit are more capable of finishing difficult and long-term goals, succeed in leadership, and excel in their respective fields than those with low grit. It is an important trait that can help a lot of companies have more positive outputs and level up their workforce’s capability.

Here are some ways on how you can develop grit within your organisation:


Individuals with high levels of grit would benefit any organisation, and as such it is crucial to have processes in place that will help identify and retain talent with high grit. During the application process, asking about job experiences that required perseverance may help uncover a candidate’s tendencies to exhibit grit at work. Personality assessments may also provide insight into a person’s grit by measuring traits such as resilience. During employment, it is recommended to set clear goals to such individuals that will stretch their current performance level. 


Although high grit talent may be effective on their own, as a group they need to have shared goals in order to function with synergy. Having such goals will focus their productivity, develop shared experiences that boost camaraderie (whether wins or losses), and inspire individual team members to perform at a higher level as the team performs. Aligning these team goals with organisation level values and goals enhances the team grit levels. 


Leaders play a critical role in developing an organisation’s aggregate grit. This can be done by setting an example of showing passion and perseverance at work, communicating the right mindset to their employees, and supporting programs that will promote grit in the organisation.

Generally, building grit can be started from the topmost level of the organisation. The business leaders, who should have grit themselves, must set a good example for everyone. This would make the job easier for an organisation to achieve grit and continuously thrive especially in times of organisational challenges.

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