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Automation – Will it Make You Obsolete… or Better?

I was just reading a great blog post by Laurie Ruettimann – The Cynical Girl, titled “The complete automation of human resources is near.” And I realized – Oh No! – that my company Talegent was one of those on the side of increasing automation.

Thing is, our online assessment systems do automate a lot of the manual recruiting processes currently used. It was rather our intention to do so and we make a big deal of that. But while it is true, our solutions decrease HR staff hours for things like CV review and setting up phone interviews and such – the real benefit as I see it is that automation frees up HR people to more meaningfully focus on people… rather than be bogged down by rote more-or-less mindless activities. So rather than fear being replaced by automation, I urge all my HR peers to think about all the wonderful things they can do to elevate what they do and further secure their core importance to management and their fellow employees.

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