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Are You Building Your Employment Brand Through Customised Assessment?

Talegent’s drive to bring the latest recruitment innovations to our clients recently brought us to the Philippines, and we are pleased to bring back some fascinating insights on the direction assessment is going to head in the future. Competency based assessment is an already proven means of predicting employee potential, and is so effective that over 80% of fortune 500 companies are implementing it. But we are increasingly seeing that the companies who are able to truly excel in the employment sphere are those who take competency based assessment one step further.

  1. Role customisation is key: While general mental ability and personality are by far the best predictors of general job performance, it’s possible to achieve unsurpassed levels of accuracy by combining this with other measures. In practice, this means finding the competencies which match the job roles. For example, competencies like business acumen and drive for results can predict graduate workplace performance with an incredible degree of accuracy when combined with mental ability and personality.
  2. Employer branding matters: Marketing and promotion of your brand is no longer simply in the hands of the marketing department, but must become an integrated whole, and this includes assessment branding. The top candidates will remember and gravitate towards the companies who had assessment tools which matched their corporate values and objectives. Recruitment branding is such a powerful tool that 80% of those who were interviewed and rejected at Google would still recommend that a friend apply to work there.
  3. Building your brand by building engagement: The competitive nature of hiring has meant that engaging with candidates has become critical, but this can become a challenge when they have potentially gone through a similar employment process with other companies. They key to overcoming this is by designing your recruitment process to maximise candidate engagement. Branding is one component of this, but introducing engaging assessment tools such as simulation can be the difference between you hiring a star player, and having them work for a competitor.

Excelling in recruitment can sometimes seem like an impossible task, but by implementing innovative new hiring techniques it’s possible to keep ahead of the pack and keep your candidates talking about you – regardless of whether they were hired. Recruitment engagement and customisation are the inevitable future, but will you be there when the future arrives?

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