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Aligning Organisational Culture-fit and Candidate Values

Shared values are the core components of organisational culture as they drive the performance and behaviour of the workforce. Culture-fit through alignment of values between the individual and the organisation promotes a higher level of happiness at work. Therefore, companies should ensure its employees are person-culture fit in the organisation.

Findings of the 2019 study of MIT Sloan and Glassdoor study show that companies that have a healthy culture can significantly impact the performance of the workforce. 80% of participants ranked culture as one of the five important factors driving the company’s valuation.

There are many available tools for assessing the alignment of job applicants’ values with that of the organisation. Companies may develop their assessment models based on their values and culture; or they can adopt an existing framework, like the Talegent PATH values model.

Fitting in the organisation’s culture

Values are important aspects of an organisation to attract and retain top talent in the workforce. The Society of Human Resource Management has said that assessing values of applicants is tightly linked to long-term organisational success and drives companies to implement strategic hiring.

Incorporating values into the recruitment process can significantly improve many different aspects of talent acquisition in organisations, from finding candidates who fit with the company at the selection stage to reaping the benefits once they are hired. Assessing and hiring for value alignment will most likely help individuals flourish in their role while the company experiences long-term growth and success.

Using Talegent PATH Values Model

The PATH Values Model of Talegent is designed to measure the values of job candidates and assess their compatibility with the organisation. The model is used in Talegent’s Value Solutions: Values Insights and Values Alignment.

Values Insights provides an option to use a traditional assessment framework to measure the candidates’ values compatibility based on the 15 values indicated in the Talegent Values Model.

Values Alignment is an interactive framework that is mostly used for pre-screening. It measures four to five values that are deemed important to the organisation.

The PATH Values assessment measures the strength of their alignment with each value and helps recruiters to make guided decisions on culture-fit during the hiring and onboarding processes.

Learn more about Talegent’s PATH Values Assessments here.

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