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Ain’t life Grad?

Think of a buffet where there are hundreds of choices on display. Some will taste delicious, some will only be okay, and a few are going to give you food poisoning. To make things even more difficult, pretend that there are a hundred other people at the buffet who are all trying to snag the best food as well. This sounds like the beginning of a bad night, but it’s the challenge that faces recruiter’s every day when they are trying to find and recruit the best graduates.

The best graduates are snapped up within a few weeks, and so the difficulty is in finding and hiring them before your competitors do. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done, because graduates have no work experience they are almost completely unproven and this compounds the already difficult task of hiring employees. There are tools to help alleviate this uncertainty, interviews and CV’s are the most common. However, these are not without their problems, they can be exaggerated or even outright faked. So what’s the easiest way to sidestep these issues and find the best graduates fast?

In my opinion, it’s via talent assessment and the hugely innovative technologies that can support it like gamification and augmented reality. Because talent assessment comes straight from graduate’s results on tests, it gives a true representation of their abilities while avoiding letting them exaggerate. Even better, talent assessment is fast, because it’s entirely automated you could have potentially evaluated thousands of candidates in the time it took you to read this blog (even if you’re a fast reader). Unless your competitor’s HR department is big enough to fill a stadium, there is no way they can compete with that kind of speed.

Talegent has an event coming up which will promote some of the newest innovations in graduate employment technology. This will include a talk from Jonathan Keyse, one of the industry leaders in using augmented reality to create engaging candidate experiences. If you’re in Auckland, it’s an event that you can’t afford to miss. Find out more here.

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