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6 Steps to Bolster Employee Motivation

As a manager, you can visibly witness the decrease in employee morale, whether due to job complacency or in the wake of cut backs on amenities. The burden falls on you to motivate your team to achieve common targets. How can you keep employee motivation levels high in a mundane week or on a Friday afternoon? Here are 6 steps to follow when the going gets tough:

Step 1: Lead by Example

Inspire your employees by being a role model. If you can display passion at work, your team will likewise follow. Happiness is the key to motivation, so ensure that you have projects that gauge their excitement.

Step 2: Clear Outline of Strategy

Whether it’s a long-term vision or a to-do-list employees all need direction. Goal setting is paramount to ensuring every member has a clear understanding of their role within the team. Make sure individual goals harmonise with the overall objective as collaboration goes hand in hand with motivation.

Step 3: Pass the Power

Empower your employees by delegating tasks that are engaging rather than mundane. Challenging tasks that you would normally execute yourself can provide opportunity for your employees to grow.

Step 4: Direct Coaching

Every employee should have a unique personal development strategy. Set up one-on-one sessions to foster their skills so they can continue to improve.

Step 5: Recognise and Reward

Acknowledging positive achievements and incentivising with rewards is a sure-fire way of keeping motivation levels high. You’d be surprised how much recognition can mean to some employees compared to pure monetary bonuses.

Step 6: Environment

Going beyond minimum workplace health and safety can mean a great deal of importance to employees. Even if your office isn’t fancy, wall decals, ergonomic furniture and personal touches of finesse can work in tandem to create a special environment.

Ultimately the benefits to you will add up as you increase your employee’s motivation to peak condition. These steps can be utilised in any order, but remember the best outcomes come from applying them all.

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