5 Steps to Prepare for HR Tech Disruption

The HR Technology industry is booming with investment capital, and this injection has really accelerated start-up innovation. Whether we like it or not, disruptions stemming from AI, gamification and machine learning are taking the recruitment scene by storm. Here are five considerations to help HR professionals prepare for this trend:

  1. Don’t assume your current HCM vendor will have all you need

A variety of customised, well proven and next generation talent assessment are available, and can integrate with your ATS providers. They are both easy to use and easy to connect to your core system.


  1. Don’t assume IQ measurement is key

In today’s innovative world where EQ, diversity and well-being are more crucial than ever, new management techniques based on a new set of technologies are needed to accurately measure and predict talent.


  1. Feel free to shop around

Large vendors are often slower to adapt and offer only off the shelf products. Don’t be afraid to take a look at smaller vendors who may work together with you to build dynamic and highly customised solutions.


  1. If you haven’t moved to the cloud yet, do so now

Most of the exciting new technologies require cloud based systems. Companies, big and small are gradually moving to the cloud and this trend has never been clearer.


  1. Organise a consolidated data infrastructure

All your HR needs, not just recruitment will generate data. Before long all this data will start piling on, so seek IT support to build a data architecture so you can know where all the data is and find what you’re looking for without hindering the analytics process.


The HR Tech market is in a major cycle of innovation. This brings excitement to employers and employees alike. With these tips you can identify and implement state-of-the-art hiring practices, improving candidate experience and predictive accuracy well before the hiring decision.

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